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Arizona Rustic Frames


Love the look, the feel, the style of the Southwest? Need the perfect finishing touch for your Arizona home, or maybe a gift for friends who wish they lived in Arizona? Let us introduce you to our exclusive Arizona Rustic Frames.




Made in Arizona

Available in 7 rich stains and 5 different profiles, these beautiful and modern-rustic picture frames are handmade and stained to order. The wood’s unique grain, knots, and cracks are all exposed differently when sanded, stained and lacquered, making each framed equally unique and equally stunning.




Add Some Bling

You know, the 56th attempt is always a keeper. And if plain-Jane stain is not your thing, we have 15 fabulously-Western embellishments we can add to make your Arizona Rustic frame unique. From old shotgun casings to barbed wire, we’ll soon have your art, photos, or mirrors sayin’ “Yipee-Ki-Yay”!





Meet Rob, Our Master-Craftsman

Rob, the creator of these stunning frames has worked for Hall of Frames for just over 11 years now, and has most likely built one of the frames currently gracing your walls! And in his spare time, he channels his well-honed talents to create these charming frames to your individual taste.




Steel Picture Frames by Rustic Range

Rustic Range Photo Frames

You ready for something that is industrial yet refined, classic yet ultra-modern, timeless yet cutting edge, and altogether amazing? You are, trust us. It’s not every day that a picture frame ticks every box you have, and some you haven’t even thought of! 


Silver Rustic Range Photo Frame


It’s In The Details

Rustic frames with a modern feel? Yep. Picture this: industrial meets refined meets one-of-a-kind work of art. No matter the style of your home, Rustic Range will be at home in any home. Handmade to order, Rustic Range photo frames beautifully combine hand-forged and reclaimed wood with the added bonus of Museum Glass, so your photos shine in their truest light without shining from the glare of sunlight or your home’s lighting. 




Meet Adam From Idaho

Adam, the creator of these stunning frames, has worked in construction, in welding, in fabrication, and in any other DIY endeavor you can think of; and he channels his well-honed talents to create these photo frames to your individual taste. In the words of the creator: “We are dedicated to creating quality, unique rustic items for your home.” Choose your size, then choose your favorite combination of colors and textures. Recycled never looked so refined!



Creation of Rustic Range Photo Frame

Black, Red, and Yellow Rustic Range Photo Frames



Colors For Dayyyyssss

Whether you need a bright pop of color or a subtle silver-tone, Rustic Range Frames will help you celebrate your personal style in style! Each custom photo frame is a handmade labor of love and a unique art piece for your walls, shelves, end tables… wherever. 








So get rustic, get urban, get reclaimed, get inspired… and most importantly–get going to one of our 8 Valley locations and get your new favorite conversation piece!



Yellow and Red Rustic Range Photo Frames



Custom Framed Chalkboards


Customize to your specifications:  Any size – Any shape!

    • Visit a store nearest you to browse over 4,500 possible frame choices
    • Boards are rated to withstand 100 years of wear (indestructable)
    • All boards are steel backed and magnetic
    • Size limit of 96″ x 48″

Framed White Boards | Framed Dry Erase Boards


Customize to your specifications:  Any size – Any shape!

  • Visit a store nearest you to browse over 4,500 possible frame choices
  • MAde with a white board backing(printed for you, or just plain) glazed with non-glare glass
  • Endurable! No residue or stains left on glass from wiping
  • Size limit of 96″ x 48″

Framed Cork Boards


Customize to your specifications:  Any size – Any shape!

    • Visit a store nearest you to browse over 4,500 possible frame choices
    • Made out of recyclable material
    • Endurable! Pin-it as may times as you like!
    • Size limit of 96″ x 48″

Laser Engraved Mirrors | Reflective Inspirations


Shop Readymade Versions for $24.99 (colors may vary by location):

Follow These Steps To Create A Custom Reflective Inspiration:

1. Brainstorm Your Favorite Quotes & Phrases

Think of you or your recipients favorite quotes or phrases. If you are experiencing a slight case of writers block checkout Brainyquote.com. They have thousands of quotes and many of them are very famous!

2. Visit a Hall of Frames Store

Bring your thoughtfully selected quote into a store nearest you.  Go here for a list of locations…

3. Pick a Frame

Roma FramezeeChose from over 4,500 custom frame options in our stores. Unfortunately, we don’t have an on-line framing catalogue, but recommend visiting Roma Moulding’s Framezee Frame Creator.  It’s easy to use, looks extremely real, and their frames are the finest available! Enter any size up to 12″ x 18″ to get a good idea of how your framed mirror will look when done.

4. Pick an Etching Color

5. Get in Touch!

Do you have a question about pricing, sizing, or design capabilities?  Go on, ask us…

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Changeable Framed Jersey Case!

Display your favorite player’s jersey no matter how often he/she changes teams! With our new “changeable framed jersey case”, you can now easily insert your favorite athlete’s jersey and change it out if he gets traded, a new player steps into the spotlight or even if you want to wear it for the big game. In fact, it’s so easy that you can change it daily, weekly, or even showcase your little son or daughters jerseys to make them feel special. Go on, checkout and purchase yours today…

Changeable Framed Jersey Case

Checkout a Couple Different Sport Jerseys In The Case!

Snap-On/Off Front Door Frame

Don’t worry about removing your framed case from the wall to change-out a jersey. Simply snap-off the front frame, change the jersey, and snap it back on!

It’s so simple that it makes the jersey case applicable for changing your sports room theme for an upcoming season, a kids room throughout the junior league seasons, and bars where multiple athletic jerseys are displayed!

It doesn’t get much more versatile than that!

Swivel Hanger

Swivel HangerNo need to stretch your jersey’s collar to get it on the swivel hanger! It’s easier than hanging laundry! Simply rotate each side of the hanger to face towards you, and then hang your jersey.

Once the hanger is rotated back into position, the special ergonomic design helps jerseys hang naturally.

Wall Hanging System

Wall BuddyBeing precise is not necessary with the Wall buddy hanging system. Each side on the back of the frame has a stair step design hanger so that even if your hammered nail positions are not perfect, you can still make your framed jersey case hang level!


The Changeable Framed Sports Case fits all standard sports jerseys up to or around a size large. Some jerseys may need to be pinned in order to fit in case properly. Go on, learn more or purchase today…

Size: 32-1/2″ Wide x 40-1/2″ Tall x 2-1/2″ Deep

Glazing: Premium Acrylic Glass

Mat Backing: Black Onyx

Frame Your LP Record Album Covers Into Art!

Clear your shelves, and cover your walls with a framed wall grouping of your favorite record album covers! LP record album covers serve as collectible cover to protect your vinyl, yet represent the art and pop culture when the album was released. The best part is that once you have bought the album, the art is free! Unfortunately, most album covers sit on shelves, collect dust, and are not seen by your house guests.

As music lovers ourselves, we have created 4 styles of LP record album frames to help showcase your record collections on walls! We have even gone to the extent to setup economical packages where you can slowly build your wall collection and purchase; anywhere from 1 – 15 at a time and receive up to 50% off! To sweeten the deal, all frames offer an easy insertion and removal system so that once you have setup your wall grid it is easily to change out album covers and refresh your wall grouping! Checkout our slideshow below for ideas on how to use different quantities of frames, or shop record album frames in our online shop!

[slidepress gallery=’lp-record-album-cover-frames’]

Do you have a good idea for framing your LP record album collection or need some help hanging a wall grid? Ask us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Click any image below to see the progression of how you can transform your wall grouping from 3 to 6, all the way to 12 framed album covers!

LP album framing ideas

LP album framing ideasLP album framing ideas

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Tell us a little about your LP collection: