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15+ Framed Wall Groupings To Help Hang & Arrange Your Art!

Your family room wall, fireplace mantle, and staircase are all areas where you have an opportunity to make a major design statement.  You have seen great groupings in magazines and your friends & families houses, but can’t quite figure out how to make one yourself.  Not to worry, we’ve all been there before! Don’t let a blank wall, a bunch of frames, and a hammer and nails scare you.

With some help from our friends at Roma Moulding, we have come up with 15 creative ways to arrange and hang your art in all rooms of the house. We had a lot of fun doing this, and hope this will help you have some fun, alleviating the creativity block.

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Small or Multiple Framed Art Pieces Can Make A Big Impact!

Groupings of framed wall art pieces can create the illusion of a far larger piece by simply hanging several smaller pieces close together. Here are some wall grouping illustrations to spark some ideas!

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Would you like some help implementing these ideas or hanging some pictures in your home or office? Get in touch, and please provide a phone number if possible so we can ask any specific questions.

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