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Custom Framed Bathroom Mirrors


 Custom Framed Bathroom Mirrors Made Simple

When it comes to the beautiful finishing touches for your bathroom, don’t settle for less. Choose a custom frame you love, perfectly sized for your vanity. We’re here to help you create & hang the perfect custom framed mirror. Lets get started…

Custom Framed Gold Mirror



Measure Your Wall

Find a tape measure and download the mirror measurement guide below. If you are unsure of your measurements, call 602-923-8900 to schedule a complimentary measurement.

   Download Measurement Guide



Take Pictures of Your Bathroom

Photos will allow our designers to better assist you in choosing the perfect frame. We recommend capturing shots of the entire bathroom from multiple angles, and also close-up shots of the cabinets, countertop, plumbing and lighting fixtures.  If you have samples of any bathroom components or fixtures, please feel free to bring them.



Visit a Store

Find a Hall of Frames nearest you by clicking the store locator button below. Make sure to bring your mirror measurement guide, pictures, and any physical samples.

   Store Locator



Browse & Price Frames

Our designers will assist in choosing a frame and determining an overall size. We provide hassle-free pricing estimates and frame corner samples. We highly recommend taking samples home, as the lighting in our store is different than your bathroom.



Pick It Up or Have It Delivered & Installed

Custom framed mirrors take 7-10 business days to manufacture. Hall of Frames mirrors come ready to hang with sturdy hanging hardware. Pick it up in-store, or schedule a reduced price delivery and install by calling 602-923-8900.




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Color—It’s Always in Style

It’s time to get colorful, you guys!
I’m so tempted right now to wax eloquent
with quotes about color: color in life, color in art,
color in framing, colorful writing, colorful people…
But I’ll hold back the philosophical floodgates because
it’s way too early in our blogging relationship for deep thoughts.
I know you agree.

“As an artist, I have always felt that the frame design truly completes the artwork and enhances the setting where it is displayed” -Jane Seymour


Besides, we are here to discuss our new spot of fabulous framing color here at Hall of Frames. I have two words about the designer and creative force behind this new frame series: Dr. Quinn—I mean Jane Seymour! If you don’t know who she is, I’m afraid we can never be friends.

Just kidding, I’m sure you’re still a good person.

Anyway, Jane Seymour—multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning actress, recipient of the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth II, author of 10 books, talented painter, jewelry designer…. As if that weren’t enough to keep her busy, prepare to be dazzled by her latest artistic endeavor which we proudly showcase at our Hall of Frames locations.



“Tumbled into shiny jewels, sea glass evolves from various glass products that have found their way to the oceans throughout history… Enjoy this collection of distinctive colors and designs inspired by the beauty of sea glass found on the beaches of Malibu, Jane Seymour’s home and creative workspace for the last 20 years.”


For several years now, Jane Seymour has been getting wide recognition as a very talented artist, so it makes perfect sense that her creativity would segue into the realm of custom framing.

Partnering with elite moulding manufacturer Fotiou, Seymour has designed some truly beautiful mouldings that will not only enhance your art, but also offer a clear style direction to assist with the often-daunting task of selecting a custom framing design. Her combined love of art, color, and design was the driving force behind the moulding series exclusively available in the Jane Seymour Moulding Collection.


sea glass



So if you are naturally drawn to color, as I think we all are (except for those unfortunate few years in the early 2000s when The Gap brainwashed the masses into wearing only black, grey, and khaki. Those were dark times, friends) Seymour’s new frame series called Sea Glass Treasure will transform your life! Or at the very least, your walls.



Seaglass treasure


Look how well these glassy hues work with colors from any decor to create a cohesive theme in any room. Coming in at just under one inch wide, the Sea Glass Treasures series is the ideal choice for small art or colorful photo arrangements. Better yet, stack them inside a larger frame for just a hint of color! Whatever way you choose–I think we all can agree that everything looks better in color. So in case you missed it, or I have somehow been too subtle… Get down to your nearest Hall of Frames store and GET COLORFUL.




Could. Not. Resist.


Accentuate with Regular Bevels!

Framing Recipe:

Nurre Caxton Moulding: NC12596

Bainbridge Top Mat: B4025

Bainbridge Bottom Mat: B8750

TruVue Glass: Conservation Clear

Image: Dreamstime “Happy Family and Dog at the Beach”- 17046463

Framing Effects: Double mat with regular bevels, Bainbridge Fabric Mat & Bainbridge Color Core Mat

Regular Bevels are the stair-steps that accentuate and add depth to your framed design.

Although matting naturally compliments and expands the color pallet, its the clean cut, crisp, white bevels that help to draw your eye into the middle subject. In this case, we did just that by cutting a regular white bevel for the top mat, complimented with a bottom mat with a brown core bevel.

Go on, learn More About Matting…

Shadowbox Picture Framing

You Name it – We’ll Frame it!

Framing sea shells

Framed Sea Shells

Souvenirs from a fun vacation. Mementos of a special time in life. Signed sports memorabilia. A collection of family heirlooms: All these things and any other combination your imagination can think of can be custom framed in a shadowbox just for you.

Custom Shadowbox frames are different from standard picture frames in that they are deep enough to house not only flat items like a photograph or print, but three-dimensional objects as well. These objects can be creatively arranged, matted, and mounted in order to highlight and tell the perfect story about what is being framed.

From trophies and rock memorabilia to sports jerseys and wedding invitations, we can design and frame it for you. It all starts wit

h your imagination. You can combine photographs from a vacation with souvenirs you bought while you were away, or photographs and event tickets from a rock concert.

Framing baby clothes

Framed Baby Clothes

Helping frame and display these treasured possessions is the most exciting part of our job. It is important to put your life on display and be proud of your memories and accomplishments.

Custom framing your treasured 3-D objects gives you the chance to proudly display them in your home or office instead of letting them languish in a closet or attic. What better way to give your treasures the treatment they deserve.

Find a store near you for your next shadowboxing framing project!

Custom Framing Canvas Art

There are six diverse ways to frame or display a canvas. Although the design possibilities are nearly endless, here are some of the most popular and unique ways to frame your canvas art:

Use A Single Frame

When custom framing your canvas art with a single frame, make it count! For example, if you frame artwork on paper, the option of mats and fillets is available to add color, scale, and texture to the design.

When using a single frame on canvas art it is necessary to chose a frame that has a contrasting lip, wider profile, and perhaps some texture or ornamentation.  As in the example to the right, the frame is proportionate, the color contrasts, and the texture compliments the theme of the painting.

Use a Liner and Frame

Liners are to canvases what a mat is to a print on paper. Both serve as a border that provides a breathing space and guide into the art itself.  Picture frame liners also help prevent the art from blending in with the frame, while helping compliment the painting at the same time. With access to thousands of colors, textures and materials, fabric liners can be manufactured in just about any profile to best fit your custom framing design.

The Stacked Frame Combination

They say two is always better than one! Well, at least with picture framing, one frame stacked on top of another really helps enhance your canvas artwork.  Because canvas isn’t usually framed with glass and mats, stacking two frames often helps achieve the compliment and style that is just right for the art.

For hundreds of years, two or more mouldings have often been combined to create one frame. Be sure to ask our designers what 2 or more frames will do for your canvas art.

Use A Canvas Floater Frame

Don’t cover it up! A float frame allows you to present the art without covering the edge as a standard frame will. When used alone, a float provides the most minimal frame design.  Literally just a boarder around the art. However, you can add other frames around the float to add scale and personality to your design.  Float frames are always recommended when the edge of the painting has detail or artist signatures that you don’t want to have covered by the lip of the frame.

Stack Canvas Art on top of the Frame

Thick gallery wrapped canvas art is popular today. This means the art continues down the outside edge of the canvas. A typical stretched canvas fit into a picture frame would hide this gorgeously wrapped edge.

If you just hang up a gallery wrapped canvas it can look unfinished like a house without landscaping or a car without tires. By placing the gallery wrapped canvas on top of a frame, you provide the finishing touch without covering any of the art.

Stack Canvas on a Mat in a Frame

Use mats to enhance your canvas art! We typically do not recommend using mats with art on canvas, but this is an exception.

As a backboard of texture, your canvas art whether gallery wrapped or framed can be mounted on top of a matboard.  The matboard can then be framed to give your art a unique look and feel  We recommend this technique to increase overall size and present a fresh look.

A little Tip From The Experts:

Art on canvas is rarely covered with glass or acrylic. Exceptions may include canvases that are valuable, fragile, or when hanging in high risk areas where they might be touched, bumped, or subject to airborne pollutants such as smoke or grease.

Custom Framing 3-D Objects

Framed Emmy AwardEveryone has something meaningful to frame! Look around, and you will find hundreds of valuable 3-D objects and mementos that tell a story about your life, or hold a special place in your heart. Pull these items out of the box or closet, and let us frame them as a gift or a great conversation piece for your wall.

Custom framed shadowboxes are a great way to highlight and conserve collectibles, mementos, and memorabilia. From grandma’s antique silverware collection to a trophy, you name it, and we’ll frame it!

The main difference between framing an object versus art is selecting a frame that is deep enough to contain the art, glass, and other items that may go inside. Our Designers will help educate and creatively design the perfect custom frame combination with what we offer. Using different frame, mat, and mounting procedures we can create something that is truly unique and framed for your object. Helping to frame and display your treasured possessions is the most exciting part of our job. Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you enjoy. We look forward to helping frame your valuable and help put your life treasures on display! Here are some 3-D objects that are popular to frame:

Custom Framed Sports Jerseys

Do you collect signed sports jerseys? If so, why not take them out of the closet and put them in a custom framed shadowbox where it can be displayed and conserved for a lifetime!

Any jersey whether basketball, football, baseball or hockey can be customer framed in a unique shadowbox. This allows you to pick the frame, mat colors, and the fold of the jersey. You can also add objects such as photos, patches, and pins.

When sports jerseys are custom framed the layout options are endless. From a simple sew-down of the jersey on a color mat board to an intricate cutout mat board that surrounds the jersey, our stores offer an option for any style and budget.

Checkout our gallery of ideas to see different ways we have shadowbox framed all types of sports jerseys.

Custom Framed Family Heirlooms

Custom Shadowbox with Collectible Forks

Conserve and display your treasured family heirlooms with a custom framed shadowbox. Mementos such as grandma Mary’s first fork set can be creatively arranged, and custom framed to make a unique framed piece for your wall. It is the ultimate way surround yourself with items that are meaningful in your life. It is also a great gift idea!

Much more than just for display purposes, it is also important to conserve valuable objects for future generations to enjoy. Using preservation grade mat board and glazing materials, your object can be completely conserved through custom framing. Objects can be mounted on top of archival mat board that actively protects the objects within the frame. To top it off, UV protective glazing can be used to prevent UV light from fading the objects within.Stop by with your valuable 3-D objects today and we will design a unique shadowbox that will look amazing and last a lifetime!

Here is a short list of 3-D objects we can frame for you!

Mini Guitars Framed

  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Autographed Items
  • Awards
  • Ribbons
  • Prizes
  • Trophies
  • Instruments (guitars)
  • Artifacts
  • Collections

For questions on framing your objects and memorabilia contact us or visit one of our stores!