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Custom Framing 3-D Objects

Framed Emmy AwardEveryone has something meaningful to frame! Look around, and you will find hundreds of valuable 3-D objects and mementos that tell a story about your life, or hold a special place in your heart. Pull these items out of the box or closet, and let us frame them as a gift or a great conversation piece for your wall.

Custom framed shadowboxes are a great way to highlight and conserve collectibles, mementos, and memorabilia. From grandma’s antique silverware collection to a trophy, you name it, and we’ll frame it!

The main difference between framing an object versus art is selecting a frame that is deep enough to contain the art, glass, and other items that may go inside. Our Designers will help educate and creatively design the perfect custom frame combination with what we offer. Using different frame, mat, and mounting procedures we can create something that is truly unique and framed for your object. Helping to frame and display your treasured possessions is the most exciting part of our job. Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you enjoy. We look forward to helping frame your valuable and help put your life treasures on display! Here are some 3-D objects that are popular to frame:

Custom Framed Sports Jerseys

Do you collect signed sports jerseys? If so, why not take them out of the closet and put them in a custom framed shadowbox where it can be displayed and conserved for a lifetime!

Any jersey whether basketball, football, baseball or hockey can be customer framed in a unique shadowbox. This allows you to pick the frame, mat colors, and the fold of the jersey. You can also add objects such as photos, patches, and pins.

When sports jerseys are custom framed the layout options are endless. From a simple sew-down of the jersey on a color mat board to an intricate cutout mat board that surrounds the jersey, our stores offer an option for any style and budget.

Checkout our gallery of ideas to see different ways we have shadowbox framed all types of sports jerseys.

Custom Framed Family Heirlooms

Custom Shadowbox with Collectible Forks

Conserve and display your treasured family heirlooms with a custom framed shadowbox. Mementos such as grandma Mary’s first fork set can be creatively arranged, and custom framed to make a unique framed piece for your wall. It is the ultimate way surround yourself with items that are meaningful in your life. It is also a great gift idea!

Much more than just for display purposes, it is also important to conserve valuable objects for future generations to enjoy. Using preservation grade mat board and glazing materials, your object can be completely conserved through custom framing. Objects can be mounted on top of archival mat board that actively protects the objects within the frame. To top it off, UV protective glazing can be used to prevent UV light from fading the objects within.Stop by with your valuable 3-D objects today and we will design a unique shadowbox that will look amazing and last a lifetime!

Here is a short list of 3-D objects we can frame for you!

Mini Guitars Framed

  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Autographed Items
  • Awards
  • Ribbons
  • Prizes
  • Trophies
  • Instruments (guitars)
  • Artifacts
  • Collections

For questions on framing your objects and memorabilia contact us or visit one of our stores!