Neat Ways to Hang Your Picture Frames

Believe it or not, there is some common sense rules about hanging pictures and artwork in your home.  Here are some of the ones we came up with;

  • Make sure that your art fits the space on the wall
  • Hang frames in reasonably close proximity to the furniture below it to create a comfy feel
  • Hang frames at eye level for maximum viewing pleasure, keeping in mind people stand in foyers and halls and sit in many other spaces so that height can vary

Single Picture in A Setting

Single Frame Makes an Impact!

Single pieces of artwork can make an impact on any wall! They don’t even need to be big. But, there are still general guidelines that will help your wall look that much better.

Typically the picture frame should not be longer than the furniture piece below it, but in some circumstances, there are some exceptions.  Also,  avoid hanging over-sized frames over small pieces of furniture, or conversely tiny framed art over large furniture.  There has to be some balance right?

In small rooms avoid hanging  overly dramatic art that is best viewed in a main room from a distance. On the other hand, large rooms should have artwork that can be seen  and enjoyed from across the room.  For any questions about hanging ask our experts!

Paired Picture Frame Groupings

Single Frame Makes an Impact!

Side by side or on top of each other, paired picture frames make a great combination.  However, don’t put them too close to each other or too far apart.

Consider the wall space when making your decision. In rooms with long walls and low ceilings, hang them beside each other. In a two story room to fill some of the vertical space, hang one on top of the other.

Pairs do not have to be placed immediately adjacent to one another. You can hang one piece on each side of a mirror or tall piece of furniture. Pairs can also be split to become the outermost pieces of a grouping of photos.

Matched Wall Grouping Sets

4 Set Wall Grouping

Matched sets of framed art are usually framed identically and hung in an organized fashion on the wall. These types of groupings often end up in a grid with perfect spacing. Stairway walls are wonderful for displaying sets. Simply shift your rows so they progress up the wall at the same angle as the stairs. You can also divide sets. For example, hang half on each side of an armoire.

Mixed Collection Family Photos

Unlike matched sets of art, an eclectic collection of  paintings, family photos, and

Eclectic Family Photo Grouping

memories make a stunning wall grouping. When you are creating this type of grouping, we recommend that you frame them to suit each piece of art and hang them in a less structured way. As the years go on you may want to add to your collection. An eclectic arrangement of art, styles, and colors makes it easier to add pieces in the future that will fit in. Ultimately, whether you prefer a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement, it pays to create a pleasing balance of colors, sizes, styles, and textures.

Leaning Picture Frames

It has become highly fashionable to lean framed art on mantles, dressers, and hutches.  This can be done for functional or visual purposes.  If you are downsizing and have more framed art than wall space, you can lean one piece in front of another to consolidate your collection.  Overlapping framed art adds depth, and brings a uniquely fashionable look.Leaning Frames Look Elegant