Laser Engraved Mirrors | Reflective Inspirations


Shop Readymade Versions for $24.99 (colors may vary by location):

Follow These Steps To Create A Custom Reflective Inspiration:

1. Brainstorm Your Favorite Quotes & Phrases

Think of you or your recipients favorite quotes or phrases. If you are experiencing a slight case of writers block checkout They have thousands of quotes and many of them are very famous!

2. Visit a Hall of Frames Store

Bring your thoughtfully selected quote into a store nearest you.  Go here for a list of locations…

3. Pick a Frame

Roma FramezeeChose from over 4,500 custom frame options in our stores. Unfortunately, we don’t have an on-line framing catalogue, but recommend visiting Roma Moulding’s Framezee Frame Creator.  It’s easy to use, looks extremely real, and their frames are the finest available! Enter any size up to 12″ x 18″ to get a good idea of how your framed mirror will look when done.

4. Pick an Etching Color

5. Get in Touch!

Do you have a question about pricing, sizing, or design capabilities?  Go on, ask us…

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