44th Anniversary Sale

We’re 44 this month, and couldn’t be happier! And for our anniversary, and we’d like to give you gifts. We invite you to celebrate with us and save during our biggest sale of the year. 

Coupon Details, 44% Off Custom Framing, 25% Off Readymade Framing, 15% Off Table-top Frames, 20% Off Photo Prints



Ben & Evelyn Kogan circa 1975 | Store #1

Ben & Evelyn Kogan circa 1975 | Store #1


Many things change

So much has changed in the 44 years since we opened our first Hall of Frames store in Tower Plaza Mall at Thomas and 40th street! Phoenix in 1975 was little more than a small Southwestern town with great weather, great golf, and great opportunity. Now it anchors a sprawling, multi-city metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun. And we have expanded along with it, serving the Valley now with 9 Hall of Frames locations. 




Some things never change

“Nobody frames you better,” founder Ben Kogan’s go-to phrase was no over-simplified slogan: it was his personal guarantee that we continue to uphold. We still believe that great design comes from great partnerships with our customers! So come see us, and let’s make something beautiful together.

A new store opening in Hall of Frames past

Jay and Ben Kogan in front of the old Tatum & Cactus location



Holding the vision, trusting the process

As third-generation business owners(with the second-generation still involved),  we remain dedicated to YOU – our customers! We want each of our stores to be an exceptional place for you to custom frame–whether you’re a newcomer, or a repeat customer.