Accentuate with Regular Bevels!

Framing Recipe:

Nurre Caxton Moulding: NC12596

Bainbridge Top Mat: B4025

Bainbridge Bottom Mat: B8750

TruVue Glass: Conservation Clear

Image: Dreamstime “Happy Family and Dog at the Beach”- 17046463

Framing Effects: Double mat with regular bevels, Bainbridge Fabric Mat & Bainbridge Color Core Mat

Regular Bevels are the stair-steps that accentuate and add depth to your framed design.

Although matting naturally compliments and expands the color pallet, its the clean cut, crisp, white bevels that help to draw your eye into the middle subject. In this case, we did just that by cutting a regular white bevel for the top mat, complimented with a bottom mat with a brown core bevel.

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