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Corporate & Office Picture Framing

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Display your Success with Framed Art and Documents

Corporate & Office Framing

Your office is a reflection of your companies personality, style, and success. The artwork and documents that surround not only set an atmosphere, but show guests who you are, and what you do.

When it comes to furnishing a corporate or personal office with framed art and documents we’re your one-stop frame shop. Selecting the proper framed artwork and hanging it in the most impacting place can be rather challenging. That’s why it’s our pleasure to offer expert art consultation, placement, and framing services. Here are some of the products and services we offer for your office:

Custom Framed Mirrors for your Restrooms

Custom Framed Mirrors

Custom framed mirrors add a sense of class and reflectivity to restrooms and lobby areas.

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Large or small, rectangular, round or oval, we can manufacture or source framed mirrors in any size or shape
  • Beveled & straight cut, clear, smoke, and bronze colored mirror
  • Mildew-resistant grade A mirror with rubberized backing
  • Over 10,000 custom frame choices available to fit your décor

Here's how to go about selecting and designing framed mirrors:

  1. We can tear down old plate mirrors (if it’s an existing office)
  2. Let’s measure your wall size (complimentary measurement service available in Arizona)
  3. Or measure yourself by downloading our mirror measurement guide
    Download PDF
  4. Submit an inquiry to request samples, prices, or any questions you may have

Framed Artwork & Accreditations

Framed Artwork

Well-designed framed artwork and accredations lend personality and style to your office. It is a true reflection of your office’s ambiance and image to guests. Here’s how we help show your qualifications.

Complete framed art creation: from soup to nuts, we will go out of our way to help select artwork, source it from the artist or publisher, design you’re framing project, and manufacture it!

Let’s find the art you like: local or national, we contract and partner with artists, publishers, and galleries from around the world to find the artwork that will look just right in your office.

Lets frame your diplomas & certificates: nothing shows your qualifications better than framed diplomas, licenses, and certifications. Our designers can help suggest the perfect frame and mat combination, while our expert installers can help arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing grouping.

Let’s pick the frame & matting: from economical to eccentric, we offer just the right frame and mat combination for your artwork and décor. Learn more about the custom frame and mat choices we offer.

"Visualize it" Before It's Framed

Commercial Picture Hanging

Don’t ever leave your office with our virtual framing service. Using high resolution imaging equipment, multiple versions of virtually designed framed art can be produced for comparison. Each virtual design can be emailed as a JPEG so that you or your boss never has to leave your office to make the design decisions. It’s easy, fun, and convenient! Contact us today and we will help you visualize your project before it’s framed!

On-Time, On-Budget Contract Custom Framing

What We Can Hang

Our comprehensive product mix, combined with buying power and on-site manufacturing allows for quick turnaround times and the best prices.

Here is a little bit about what we offer:

Art and Framed Mirror Hanging Service

Professional Picture Hanging

With over 30 years of picture hanging service and experience, no project is too large or small. From a single painting, to a wall grouping of photos all the way to large framed mirrors, we can aesthetically place and hang it. Learn more about our commercial hanging services »

Artwork Delivery Service

Delivery Service

Small or large, wide or tall, we deliver & ship it all! Valuable framed artwork and mirrors can be rather tricky to transport. The slightest bump or knock can damage any artwork in transit. Alleviate the headache of packaging and transporting your artwork and let our professionals take on the task. Learn more about our artwork delivery service »

Artwork Packaging & Shipping

Art Shipping

Packaging, boxing, crating and shipping artwork is our forte! Why not let the professionals who built your picture frame, be the ones who package and ship it safely? We offer fast, protective, and low cost packaging and shipping for all types of artwork, framed artwork, or framed mirrors. Learn more about our artwork packaging and shipping services »

We're a Lean, Green Framing Machine

Green Framing

Looking for picture framing that was manufactured using environmentally responsible products? Combine our sustainable manufacturing with Framerica's EPP certified mouldings to have framed art and mirrors that are truly "green". Framerica is also known for being economically-friendly, so you can help save the environment by framing artwork you love with framing you can afford.

What Does it Mean to be "Green"?

Framerica® is Certified EPP Downstream; the program is designed to provide designers an easy way to identify environmentally responsible products. Framerica's manufacturing headquarters has been designated an "EPP Downstream Licensed Facility"—signifying its pledge to produce mouldings using some of the greenest core materials available. The CPA EPP Certification Program is the most widely-specified environmental certification program for composite wood panels in North America. If you're looking for assurance that the products you purchase are environmentally responsible, look no further than the EPP Downstream logo.

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