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Hall of Frames

Our Craftsmanship

It’s the Behind-the-Scenes Work that Counts

We understand that by bringing your valuable artwork and memorabilia to be custom framed, you’re handing over the responsibility of something personally valuable to you. Rest assured it will be left in good hands and we promise to take care of it as if it were our own.

Our craftsmanship

It’s our pleasure to be your professional picture framer. Since 1975, we have continually strived to set the highest possible bar when it comes to quality, craftsmanship, and reliable art care. We endeavor to make sure that every aspect of your framing project is flawless. From the finish of the frame moulding, to meticulously cut mats, and all the way to spotlessly clean glass, we make every effort to ensure that your framing project is done right.

With over 35 years of custom framing experience, we have perfected time honored techniques to guarantee that every component of your project is of the highest quality: check out our 7-step quality picture framing process:

Step 1

All raw picture frame moulding is rigorously inspected for flaws.

Step 2

Custom frame corners are mitered and joined using the most advanced cutting and joining equipment.

Step 3

Mats are cut using laser guided electronic cutters.

Steps 1 to 3

Step 4

Artwork and memorabilia are hand hinged and mounted by skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Step 5

The glass is inspected and cleaned with organic cleaners.

Step 6

All components are fit into the frame using neumatic inserted staples.

Step 7

The hanging hardware is installed and a lifetime guarantee sticker is attached.

Steps 4 to 7

When it comes to assembling the final custom framed product no step is overlooked. We ensure that every detail is perfect, and that we are returning a custom framed piece that we would be proud to hang on our walls.

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