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Acrylic UV-Protective Glass

UV protection plus

98% UV Protection

Scattered reflection

8% Scattered Reflection

UV3 Protective Clear Acrylic glass protects works of art from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor UV light rays. Over time, the ultraviolet rays in everyday indoor and outdoor light take a toll on artwork. Paper can become faded, discolored and brittle, causing irreversible damage that ruins the works of art. UV3 Protective Clear Acrylic glass with 98% UV protection helps protect art from fading by blocking harmful indoor and outdoor light rays, preserving art for years longer than regular acrylic.

Acrylic UV-protective glass

Technical Info

  • 2.3 mm thick substrate
  • Filters out 98% of harmful UV light rays
  • Water-white colorless edge

When To Use

  • Any framing project that would benefit from lightweight acrylic and 98% UV protection
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