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General Framing Questions

How long does it take to have something framed?

When it comes to picture framing there is custom picture framing, and readymade picture framing. Each takes a different amount of time:

Custom Picture Framing at the Hall of Frames takes anywhere from 7–14 days, with most orders falling closer to the 7 day mark. In the case that you have a special event and would like something custom framed faster, we can always rush an order down to about 2-3 days. The great thing about using your local Hall of Frames is that we charge NO RUSH FEES!

Readymade Picture Framing at the Hall of Frames can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 days. Depending on the frame and mat materials that your order calls for will ultimatlely determine how fast we can complete your framing project. If you can use in-stock materials, we offer While You Wait Assembly, which can take only 30-45 minutes in most cases.

When I drop something off to be framed, where is it actually framed?

Being a local, family owned and operated company, all readymade and custom picture framing is done at the store you dropped it off at. All the materials that are necessary to complete your order are ordered and then sent to your local Hall of Frames store. Once the materials arrive they go through our patented 7-Step Quality Picture Framing Process.

When I have something framed, is my art safe at the store?

When it comes to artcare handling, packaging and storage, no step is overlooked. All of our designers and our craftsmen are highly trained in the best techniques for artcare handling and storage. Each piece of artwork or memorabilia is individually packaged and safely binned in our art storage shelves. Each shelf is elevated and covered on the top to prevent from water damage or something falling on the package. Should you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Framing Design

How do I find the right frame and mat size for my art?

When thinking about frame and mat size, it’s all determined by whether you are custom framing your piece, or using a readymade frame.

When custom framing, the frame and mat dimensions can be any size in order to make the finished piece look aesthetically pleasing. Mat borders can be designed symmetrically in proportion to the art size, offset for a unique look, or weighted for some emphasis. Our skilled designers can help show you different matting border styles, and select an attractive mat width for your framing project. If your custom framing, make it look custom!

In the case that the frame size is fixed, as with a ready-made frame, or frames that your have previously purchased, mat dimensions usually have to be tailored to take up the difference between the image size and the frame size. Please note that this often results in a mat border that is slightly different between the top, bottom, and the sides. In order to prevent this, it is sometimes possible to crop in, or cover a portion of the image to make the dimensions appear a bit more symmetrical.

Most mat borders whether custom or readymade, range in the 1.5 - 4 inch range, although the size of the art, the width of the frame, and the overall dimensions of the hanging area can all influence this width. The best way to get design advice that is tailored to your specific framing project is to visit one of our stores. Our design specialists can help inform you, and create the perfect mat combination and size for your frame.

How do I pick the right frame and mat combination for artwork or memorabilia?

The first thing you will want to do is bring your artwork or memorabilia into one of our stores to discuss your framing tastes and needs with one of our design specialists. With over 4,500 custom frame choices, and 500 mat colors/textures the possibilities are endless. However, the best framing designs are created based on a conversation about your tastes, the intended hanging location, and what it is that your having framed. From here, we will be able to make sure your picture framing is customized for your piece in regards to style, aesthetics, and budget. We offer free, no obligation design consultation and quotes. Learn more about our designers!

Is there a list of the standard frame sizes that Hall of Frames keeps in stock?

Every Hall of Frames location is stocked with thousands of open-back "One of A Kind" readymades and standard glass-&-backing readymades. Below is a list of sizes that are traditional readymade sizes: Check out more on readymade frames!
4" x 6"
5" x 7"
8" x 10"
8 1/2" x 11"
9" x 12"
10" x 13"
11" x 14"
12" x 16"
14" x 18"
16" x 20"
18" x 24"
20" x 24"
22" x 28"
24" x 30"
24" x 36"
32" x 40"

What kind of mat should I use to collect signatures at a wedding?

When it comes to signature mats, you want to select one that is both smooth on the surface, and archivally made up on the inside. Being such an importance piece of memorabilia from your event, you will want clear signatures on a smooth surface, and conservation board to ensure that everything lasts a lifetime. Over time, direct and non-direct UV light fades photos, regular grade paper mats, and ink. That's why it's very important to pick a mat that has artcare protection, or some other form or archival properties. Using such archival mats will help resist fading, yellowing, and deterioration of the ink on the mats. Learn more about archival mats.

My pictures have all been framed with regular glass. What type of glass would you suggest to reduce the glare?

When it comes to glare reducing picture frame glass, there are two types: Non-Glare glass, and Museum glass. Each type has a different appearance and different features.

Museum picture frame glass is a nearly invisible anti-reflective glass with conservation grade UV Protection. This is the best glazing option available for glare, and I would highly recommend it. Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer. Learn more about museum glass.

Non-Glare picture frame glass enhances the beauty of artwork with an etched matte-like finish that scatters light to minimize unwanted glare. Although it is less reflective than regular grade glass, it still can give off a frosted look when in direct sunlight. I would highly recommend this glass in the instance that museum glass is not preferable. Learn more about non-glare glass.

Conservation Framing

How do I conserve my item in a frame so that it will not deteriorate over time?

In regards to conservation framing, the glass, mats, and backing all have the most impact on the conservation of the item being framed. When a custom or readymade picture frame is completely assembled all of the components complement each other. It all starts with the glazing (glass or acrylic), which must be UV-protective to help filter out ultraviolet light. Furthermore, the matting and backing must be preservation grade, meaning acid and Lignen free. This way, your artwork or memorabilia are protected from both the front and the back from dangerous elements such as UV light, and acid. Please visit a Hall of Frames location, where our designers can help recommend just the right conservation framing material for your project.

I need to hang some pictures in an area that gets direct sunlight. What type of glass would you recommend?

Unfortunately, there is no glass or acrylic product that provides 100% protection from UV light. However, we can get pretty close with about 97% protection. We offer 3 types of glass with UV protection, and 2 types of acrylic with UV protection. Each of these glazing products are at least 97% UV protective and higher, and will ensure that your artwork and memorabilia does not fade over time. Once you have decided to use UV protection glazing, your ultimate selection will depend on features like improved color clarity or reflection control. Please see our glass choices for more on our glazing options.


How much does custom framing cost?

When you have something custom framed, you are most likely purchasing multiple framing components, on top of work behind the scenes, such as assembly.

Major components of a custom framing project may include the frame, mats, glass, mounting, assembly, and any other charges necessary to custom fabricate your project. Each of these components are priced individually. When you add up all the components, this helps arrive at the final price. Here is some more specific information about how some of the main components are priced:

The Frame: Custom picture frames are priced by the metric foot. Depending on the size of your art either by itself or after any matting, combine with the width of the custom frame moulding helps determine the metric footage necessary. The cost per foot multiplied by footgage required helps derive the final price. For Example, an 8 x 10 photo would call for roughly 4 – 5 metric feet of moulding. Check out custom frame choices!

Matting: Matting is priced by two variables: (1.) the type and the (2.) the size. Matboards come in many different styles, colors, textures and core material. From regular paper grade to archival, or color to linen, each board has a different cost. At the Hall of Frames we price each project that involves custom matting by the square inch(L x W). This way you pay for exactly what your project calls for, no more, and no less! Check out mat choices!

The Glass: Glass is priced by two variables: (1) the type and the (2.) the size. At the Hall of Frames we offer 8 glazing choices. From regular to conservation grade, all the way to museum glass and acrylic, each glass serves its own purpose and has a different cost. At the Hall of Frames we price each project that involves glass by square inch. This way you pay for exactly what your project calls for, no more, and no less! Check out glass choices!

Mounting / Backing: Mounting or backing is determined solely by what you are having framed. Rolled posters or prints for example, usually need to be dry-mounted in order to prevent your print from waving in the frame. On the other hand, valuable paintings and documents are usually hinged to a mat or acid free backboard to ensure that it can be removed from the frame in-tact if need be. At the Hall of Frames we price each mounting project by the square inch. This way you pay for exactly what your project calls for, no more, and no less!

How much will it cost to frame something?

There are many components that affect the pricing on both readymade framing, and custom framing. It all starts with what you are having framed. From the size of the art or item, to the number and type of mats, the type of glass, mounting method necessary, and ultimately the width and composition of the frame. Our design specialists and craftsmen will help educate you about the products/methods available and also work to find a framing solution that both meets your needs and your budget.

The best way to get a good idea on the cost of framing your specific art or item is to bring it in to one of our local Arizona stores. At the store, one of our designers will customize a design for your piece, show you what's available, and provide a quote. The Hall of Frames design process is fun, free, and quotes are given with no obligation!

How can I get a price quote?

The best way to get a quote is by bringing your artwork or memorabilia into a store where one or our designers can help you. With thousands of frames and mats to choose from, the design possibilities are unlimited. By mixing and matching them in different combinations, so many pricing options are available. Visit or call one of our stores to get the best price!/p>

Hanging or Display of Art

How do I hang a mirror?

To hold heavy mirrors, avoid the use of picture wire. All Hall of Frames custom framed mirrors will come with strap hangers (a loop over a flat plate that screws into the frame). Rather than traditional wall hooks, use wall anchors such as Molly Bolts, that go through the sheet rock and lock into it. For worry-free hanging of mirrors, we offer a mirror hanging and delivery service.

How do I hang my art and prevent from theft?

To prevent theft, security hangers are available that firmly hold all sides of the frame in place on the wall. A special key tool is needed to lock it and again to unlock it. These are generally used in public places but are also good where the frame may easily be bumped. For more information on security installation, visit our picture hanging service.

How do I hang artwork or pictures in a kids room and protect from falling?

In a kid's room where things are thrown around, use Security Hangers. If you don't have access to them, try strap hangers on each side of the frame and heavy duty hooks in the wall for the hanger to sit into. Do not rely on just nails in the wall as they can fall out of the wall or the frame can jump off the nail if something is thrown at it. For more information on security installation, check out our picture hanging service.

How do I avoid crooked frames on the wall?

When frames are hung from a single point such as (1) nail or hook, they usually shift on the wall over time. Both for safety and also to keep frames straight, always hang everything from two points or (2) hangers to be precise. On heavier pieces this also helps distribute the weight. For more information on hanging artwork check out our picture hanging service.

How do I hang pictures flush to the wall?

Screw eyes that are often used to attach wire to the frame tend to make the frames lean out from the wall more than they need to. Also, excess slack in the wire can cause the top to lean out. By switching to strap hangers, you can overcome both problems. These hangers are flatter and give you the option of hanging directly from the hanger versus using wire. For more information on hanging artwork check out our picture hanging service.

What kind of hanger should I use to hang my picture on drywall?

The best hook to use on drywall is called a "Drywall Hook". This type of hook is designed in a v-shape, with the nail being hammered into the wall at a 45 degree angle. These hooks are easy to hammer to the wall, and can hold semi-heavy picture frames, given the right size of drywall hook is used. These type of hooks are also very easily removed, and leave little damage to the wall surface. For more information on hanging artwork check out our picture hanging service.

Art Care Handling & Frame Care

How should I frame artwork that will hang in a lobby, restaurant or busy place?

When it comes to custom framing artwork or memorabilia that will hang in areas subject to natural abuse, there are three things that must be considered:

1) We recommend using acrylic glass instead of regular glass, as it will help to reduce the weight of the finished piece, and also provides shatter-resistance, which can be very desirable from a safety and liability standpoint in common areas.

2) Selecting a frame with a smooth and durable finish that doesn't have any special grooves with paint washes inside. In such common areas, janitorial crews will inevitably clean the frame out of good faith and can potentially wipe off washed finishes. We recommend selecting a frame with a smooth finish that can resist wear/tear, and wiping.

3) Security installation hardware is highly recommended, as it helps help to hold the picture straight on the wall in case of casual bump. In addition, there is a special hardware component that holds the bottom of the frame to the wall that requires a "key" to disengage, further deterring from theft or removal of art from the wall.

How do I clean the glass on my picture frame?

Picture frame glass needs regular care to maintain its gloss and crisp appearance. It is recommended to use organic cleaners that are free of amonia and other harmful solvents. When actually cleaning the glass, it is important to spray the cleaning agent on one side of a micro fiber cloth, and wipe s small section of the glass. Once the glass is clean, use the dry side of the cloth to polish the glass to remove streaks. Repeat this method over the entire surface. For more questions on cleaning your picture frame glass feel free to contact us!

How do I clean my frame?

Picture frames have a variety of finishes that may be damaged by water or other household cleaning products. It is recommended to feather dust the frame regularly. If the frame requires heavier cleaning, use water and a soft micro fiber cloth. Make sure to test a small inconspicuous area before applying to the entire frame. For more questions on cleaning your picture frame feel free to contact us!

Do you package and ship artwork?

The answer is yes! After many years of experience, we have mastered the art of packaging and shipping framed artwork and memorabilia. We understand that whether you are moving, or sending something to a friend, it is very important that the framed piece gets there in literally one piece. Our designers and craftsmen work seamlessly together to help recommend a method for packaging and shipping that will help protect glass, corners, and the mounting inside. Please call or visit one of our stores for more information and pricing on art packaging and shipping.

I damaged the corners on my frame. Can this be repaired?

The answer to this question can be very tricky, as there are so many types of frames and finishes. In most cases if there is corner damage, we will ask to break the frame apart, chop off a tiny sliver(less than 1/8 of an inch) on each rail, and rejoin the corner to get the best look. If this is not possible, we may be able to use a combination of wood putty, touchup markers and paints to try to reform the corner back to original condition. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that we can make it look as good as it was when new, but many times we will take a stab at it.

For tiny dings and dents, many times we can utilize wood putty, touchup markers, and paints to try to re-touch the blemish on the frame. Once again, there is no guarantee that we can restore the finish to original condition, but will always try. Please visit one of our stores for further questions and advice on the damage to your frame.

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