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Readymade Mirrors

Add Reflectivity to any Room with Readymade Framed Mirrors

Readymade Mirrors

Much more than a way to check your makeup, readymade framed mirrors are perfect for decorating and enhancing any living space. Rectangular, square, round or oval: Readymade framed mirrors are ideal for complimenting your bathroom vanity, enhancing a fireplace mantle, or opening up the living room. Each of our stores has just the right size, shape and style of readymade framed mirror for you. To learn more about selecting the perfect framed mirror read some of our framed mirror tips below!

Location is Everything

Readymade Mirrors

Before shopping for the perfect framed mirror, it is important to consider the size of the room, wall, or space in which the framed mirror will hang. If it is a small room, pay close attention to where the mirror will be hung, as a framed mirror can really make a cramped room seem larger. Generally, placing a mirror across from a window or light source will expand the room and make it look larger.

Another variable to consider is to choose a framed mirror that will compliment the wall size, as a large mirror on a small wall can make the wall look crowded. Also, it is necessary to decide on whether the framed mirror will be used for decorative reasons or practical purposes as this will help choose a style.

Decorating For Your Style

Readymade Mirrors

There is truly a mirror that reflects every room’s personality and style. Some framed mirrors have large, ornate frames that can act as a piece of art. Others are round, oval or modern for a unique look. Our readymade framed mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes, straight cut or beveled to fit any decorative need.

Framed mirrors are perfect for any room! They’re stunning in bathrooms and many people won’t live without one in the bedroom. For children’s rooms, make certain to hang kids framed mirrors at the child’s eye level. This will help the child feel special and also be useful. Mirrors look stunning over a fireplace mantle or at the end of a hallway. Many formal dining areas also have a mirror to make the room seem more spacious.

Make Any Room "Grow"

Readymade Mirrors

If you're looking for a way to open up a closed room, but don’t want to tear down any walls, a framed mirror is the perfect solution! A mirror can magically transform a small room into something that feels much more spacious.

Framed mirrors reflect the light and objects in front of them to create a larger feeling space. When placed across from an open window, they’re a wonderful way to bring in more natural light. Traditional framed mirrors are especially good at creating an illusion of more space. They effortlessly enhance the beauty in any sized room. For some examples of framed mirrors check out our bathroom makeovers!

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