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Artwork Packaging & Shipping

We Package and Ship Valuable Artwork, Anywhere!

Art Shipping

Packaging, boxing, crating and shipping artwork is our forte! With years of art packaging and shipping experience, why not let the professionals who built your picture frame, be the ones who package and ship it safely. We offer fast, protective, and low cost packaging and shipping for all types of framing projects.

Please contact us with any questions on artwork packaging and shipping »

What We Can Ship

Whether it’s a framed poster with glass, museum quality piece of art, or a large quantity of framed art or mirrors, we can ship it. Absolutely no project is too large or small, and we know what type of packaging and shipping is needed to ensure safe and efficient delivery to any destination.

Here is a short list of what we can ship for you:

  • Art PackagingFramed art / posters
  • Framed mirrors
  • Sports display cases
  • Paintings (framed or un-framed)
  • Ceramic- & glass-based frames / objects
  • Family heirlooms
  • Museum quality framed artwork
  • One-of-a-Kind items

Visit one of our stores or contact us to ask if we can ship your item!

How We Can Ship It

Different shapes and sizes of framed art, mirrors, family heirlooms and objects require different packaging and shipping solutions for safe delivery. Here are some of the packaging solutions we offer to fit your artwork packaging and shipping needs.

Picture Frame Boxing
Picture Frame Boxing

Picture frame boxes, custom made or pre-fabricated, are great for shipping and storing picture frames, framed mirrors, or other items. Our picture frame boxes can be custom made or ordered in a pre-existing size, both with double thick walls to prevent puncturing. Regardless of size, we will suggest the proper box size and follow UPS and Fedex insurance guidelines. Visit one of our stores or contact us online about box sizes!

Picture Frame Crating
Picture Frame Crating

Picture frame crating is ideal for valuable or fragile framed artwork that requires more than corrugated protection. We specialize in crate design, and can build a custom crate to fit your needs. Ultimately, picture frame crates are an alternative shipping method that ensures a higher level of protection and keeps costs at a reasonable level. Visit one of our stores or contact us online about crating!

Palletized Picture Frames
Palletized Picture Frames

Palletized shipments of picture frames are ideal for shipping large quantities of framed artwork or mirrors. By utilizing a pallet, framed materials can be stacked and loaded for safe and easy movement from destination to destination. Once arriving the pallets are offloaded to ensure proper delivery and storage.

Where We Can Ship

Art Shipping

We can ship anything, anywhere; the world is your packages' destination. Regardless of size or weight we contract with the largest shipping and freight companies to ship just about anywhere in the world. Whether it’s within Arizona, just two states away, or all the way to Europe, we can make the proper arrangements to send your package to any destination. Have somewhere unique you would like to ship your artwork? Visit one of our stores or contact us online and we will get right back to you!

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Who We Ship With

Packages come in many sizes, shapes and weights. Depending on these factors and your time frame, different carriers are better for cost and safety purposes. Visit our stores or contact us online and we can help find the proper shipping company for your package.

Some of our shipping companies include:

Please contact us with any questions about our shipping carriers »

We can "HANDLE" your shipment

We handle, package, and ship picture frames everyday. You can rest assured that we will take care of your artwork and memorabilia as if it were our own.

  • Safety: Our shipments are packed correctly using the proper techniques and arrive damage free 99.8% of the time
  • Handling: We put our years of experience and education to good use so your artwork stays safe
  • Reduced risk: We will help reduce any risk of damage by following certified packaging guidelines and insuring your package so if damage does somehow occur, we've got you covered

Please contact us with any questions on artwork packaging and shipping »

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